Reasons for Car Accidents, Their Statistics and Searching for a Good Attorney

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Each year more than 6 million car accidents occur each day. Luckily only an average of 3 million are injured, with only 2 million experiencing permanent injuries. Over 90 people a day are killed in these accidents daily. Accidents are caused from various reasons. Some of these reasons include alcohol, reckless driving, speeding and distractions. When it comes to distracted driving, it is anything that takes your attention away from the road. Some distractions could be: 

a. texting/talking on the phone 
b. applying makeup 
c. eating or drinking 
d. attempting to change the car radio etc 

These are just some of the distractions that could take place. There are actually hundreds of things that a person can be distracted by. Over 1000 people are involved in crashes on a daily basis involving distracted driving. Because of distracted driving an average of more than 9 people are killed daily. Texting while driving is a very popular distraction. 40% of teens in the US admit that they have witnessed others text while driving while they were in the car as passengers. 

Each year property damage during car accidents cost billions of dollars. Nearly $900 billion was loss due to car accidents in the year 2010. The dollar costs includes medical costs, travel delays, legal costs and much more. If you would take a look at the cost and compare it with the cause of the accident, it is quite astonishing. Studies show that the economic loss for accidents involving speeding were around $59 billion in costs. while the economic costs average for drinking while driving was $49 billion. And when it comes to driving while being distracted, the cost accumulated to an average of $46 billion. When it comes to the harm financial harm that accidents do on the community as a whole, it’s quite considerable. The costs are over 200 billion for speeding accidents, nearly $200 billion for drinking and driving and almost $130 billion for being distracted while driving. 

Attorneys whose expertise circles around car accidents, property damage and DWIs are trained in many different areas. After accomplishing their undergraduate degrees, they are than required to attend 3 years of law school. If they wish to gain a doctorate in law or if they wish to teach law they will continue their education even further. Their training and education covers gross negligence, loss of consortium, defamation, emotional distress, ethics, statues of time limitation etc Lawyers who practice in the field of personal injury are trained to provide personable care to their clients, while fighting for them rigorously. If you decide to hire a car accident lawyer phoenix az or in biloxi ms you can rest assured that they are well educated to take care of your situation. 

Surviving a personal injury can be one of the most difficult things for someone to have to endure. So if you have suffered through a car accident and have decided to file a claim, against the other driver, be sure to take your time and select a good attorney. Selecting an attorney that is highly intelligent is needed, but also choosing one that has an understanding when it comes to persons who have loss loved ones and who themselves are suffering from physical and emotional injuries is important.


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