When The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

Going to the hospital is never fun, especially when it is after an accident or a serious injury. Laying on the stretcher inside of the emergency room can make the toughest person feel utterly helpless. When you’re injured, you are totally at the mercy of your health care team. So, how undeniably devastating it must be when things go wrong and an injury occurs. 

The medical profession is a very taxing industry. While most doctors get it right and help heal us of ailments and even some disease, unfortunately, there are those instances when doctors get it very wrong. The reality is that bodily injury or medical malpractice, sometimes does happen and requires the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

If your injury happened in Pennsylvania, google medical malpractice harrisburg pa to see a list of some of the most qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorneys in the state. Personal injury, especially from medical malpractice, can often be hard to prove and requires the handling of a competent lawyer. Malpractice suits can take years to settle so having the right lawyer handling the process is detrimental. The last thing you want to do is go through the rigmarole, only to be the victim of legal malpractice as well. 

Before retainers are given and or contracts signed, your prospective attorney should be properly and thoroughly vetted. Do your research by going over the firm’s website info, googling the attorneys, checking to see if there has been any disciplinary action with the board and so on and so forth. You can never be too thorough as this is indeed a long and detailed process that should be handled professionally. 

Once you have officially retained your counsel, they will probably advise you to keep an accident journal. Writing in your book daily in regards to your injuries, symptoms or emotions pertaining to the injury, will come in handy when and if the case goes to trial. While most medical malpractice suits generally settle out of court, keeping a log on how the accident and injury affected you, could also help your doctors better treat whatever ailments you may have. 

As tedious as it all may seem at times, it is important that you attend all doctor appointments, no matter how frequent and annoying it may be. Doctors and lawyers, who deal with personal injury victims, know that documentation means everything. Going to one doctor visit per week, as opposed to one a month, can mean the difference between a settlement or ruling in favor of the defense. Your lawyer and doctor are experienced in this arena and so, listening to their advice can be very helpful to the outcome of your case. At the same time, ask questions and do not be afraid to share information that you may have read or even heard. If you think it can help your case, by all means, share. 

Just as doctor’s can make mistakes that result in bodily injury, lawyers can make mistakes too. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be apart of your legal team by asking questions and providing feedback. Regardless of how professional the doctor or lawyer is, remember, no one is going to care about you, more than you!


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