Nearly Seventy Percent of SSDI Claims Rejected

About 35 percent of social security disability applications get approved each year. Why so low? Most first-time applicants are denied, and a large number of appeals are even denied. So what’s the best way to become part of the 35 percent that get approved the first time? Experts say if you need benefits, it’s worth getting an attorney. 

What’s Important About Having an Attorney? 

First, when it comes to disability attorney services Baton Rouge LA claimants have experienced representation that can actively manage the claim. This is important because, besides relieving the stress of dealing with social security administrators, an attorney is prepared for any challenges that usually pop up. Lawyers have staff that can quickly respond to any notices from SSA, and they are prepared to handle the next step. 

An attorney that is familiar with similar claims can reasonably predict the likely next steps that must be taken with your claim. Reviews and status updates will keep your attorney current with your claim, as well as any actions needed to keep the process moving along. 

Of course, having a lawyer that is experienced with disabilities and SSDI does not mean it will prevent any adverse actions, however, the attorney will definitely be prepared to address any challenges that may arise. You may think that since you have a disability that is listed and well-documented, then your case is open and shut, but most cases do not meet this open-and-shut definition. 

Scheduling an Independent Medical Examination 

An independent medial examination is an exam scheduled by the department in an attempt to secure a medical opinion which may ultimately assist in shutting down your claim. After the exam, if the results are adverse, the process to shut down your claim will continue until the case is closed. Most claimants are unaware of this. An attorney will make sure you get an exam that is an objective opinion, not compromised by third-party administrators that utilize the same doctors time and time again. 

How to Proceed If Your Claim Is Closed? 

If your claim is closed, you’ll receive a closing order with appeal rights. If you disagree with this closing order, you have 60 days to protest or appeal that decision. An experienced attorney is a must right now. Submitting a protest to the claim closure may lead to another independent medical examination. Without legal advice you will probably attend this exam, and have another opinion that is not in your favor, making it even more difficult to have the order reversed on an appeal. 

An disability attorney can assist in making an evaluation of your medical information and looking for overlooked content. In many cases, an attorney can take the appropriate route so you’re not exposed to another medical exam. Remember, government departments have trained experienced personnel that represent their interests, so you should also have representation that increases your chances for success in securing benefits. An attorney who specializes in disability claims can do the hard work of moving your claim forward through the process and protecting your interests.


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