The Consequences of a DUI Charge

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Charges of driving under the influence (DUI) has consequences a driver may experience the harshness of these consequences. This is a charge that the first time has consequences and any more of these charges will make the charge carry harsher penalties. The type of vehicle the person is operating at the time of the DUI may also carry different penalties, such as a personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle. When charged with this type of traffic offense the best way to protect your rights and possibly driving privileges is with the help of a dui lawyer kingman az. The lawyer can appear in court and provide a defense to help reduce the consequences of this kind of infraction that can have both legal and non-legal results. 

Consequences of a DUI 

When a person is charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs there are criminal penalties and then there are other types of consequences. The driver when going to court can expect to receive a substantial fine and possible time in jail. Each subsequence DUI after the first one will carry a higher fine and a longer time in jail. The next penalty is most states will revoke the driver’s license privileges for a specific amount of time. This time can depend on the state for losing driving privileges along with other factors such as the driver has been involved in an accident, or if it is not their first DUI

The third consequence is the level of the DUI charge since in some instances it can be a felony DUI when there are other aggravating factors. These aggravating factors may include driving on a revoked drivers license or if the driver under the influence is operating a vehicle with minor children in the car. The fourth issue is if a driver is pulled over for suspected DUI and refuses a Breathalyzer test or other testing their driving privileges in most states is a mandatory suspension. The fifth consequence of a DUI charge is the fines associated with them. The first DUI charge the fine will be high, but with more than one DUI, the fines can be extremely financially costly. This is an additional financial loss, as losing driving privileges will also create a loss. 

Non-Legal DUI Consequences 

The DUI charge has legal ramifications but it can have non-legal penalties. The driver convicted of this traffic offense will find their auto insurance will have a higher cost for a length of time as a penalty. Once the driver license is suspended and returned the insurance company will place the driver on what is considered a high-risk policy for an amount of time they determine. 

Another possible penalty is applying for employment and having a criminal background check done. The driving under the influence conviction will appear and in some cases, this could prevent the employer from hiring the individual even they are highly qualified for the position. It can also show up when attempting to rent an apartment, condominium, or house and then it is up to the property owner to decide if the conviction should prevent them from renting the property. This conviction will follow the individual into other areas of their life and the loss of driving privileges can cause hardship.

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