What You Should Do if Your Spouse Has Been Arrested for Drug Possession

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Being married to someone who uses drugs can come with a lot of problems. Not only do you have to worry about the health problems, financial issues and more that can go along with addiction, but you also have to worry about your loved one getting arrested. If you know that your spouse uses drugs, then you might always worry about the possibility of him or her getting arrested and could be curious about what you should do if this does happen. Alternatively, you might have already gotten the call and found out that your spouse has already been arrested for drug possession. This can be a frightening, upsetting and frustrating situation to be in, but you can handle it by following this advice. 

Speak to a Lawyer Immediately 

There is no time to waste before you hire someone who offers criminal defense lawyer services Clarksville TN. There are a lot of people who think that the consequences that go along with a simple drug possession charge are not very serious. It is very dangerous to think this way, though, and your spouse’s freedom and future could be at risk. 

Even if your spouse possessed an amount of drugs that he or she would consider to be for personal use, the law might not see things the same way. Your spouse could face charges for possession of drugs with the intent to sell them, even if this was not his or her intention. Even for a simple drug possession charge, however, many defendants face jail or prison time, probation and other serious consequences. Additionally, a conviction could result in the loss of your loved one’s job, problems with finding future jobs, issues with finding housing and more. 

A lawyer can help build a defense to help defend your spouse against the charges that he or she is facing. There are different ways that the lawyer might do this. The lawyer might try to prove that your spouse is innocent of the charges that he or she has been accused of, or he or she might try to make a deal so that your loved one can plead guilty to reduced charges in exchange for seeking drug abuse treatment or serving community service. 

Get Your Loved One Out of Jail 

Along with contacting an attorney, another thing that you should make a top priority if your spouse has been arrested for drug possession is to get him or her out of jail. Jail can be a very dangerous place for your spouse to be. Additionally, while your spouse is in jail, he or she could miss work and will be separated from your family. A bail bondsman may be able to help if you want to get your spouse out of jail while he or she is waiting to go to court for drug possession charges. 

Having a spouse who is addicted to drugs can be difficult enough. If he or she is now facing criminal charges for drug possession, things can be much more difficult for your entire family. There is hope, however, if you follow the steps listed above.


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