How to direct your voice actor remotely and get the best out of recording session

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Heading, by a long shot, is the main piece of any creation and chiefs, with their far located vision and innovativeness, can add life to any prearrange. While the job of a chief is basic for any recording – whether sound or video, a last creation – whether a film, a web series, a business or an e-learning module is the consequence of a consolidated collaboration.

While the terms ‘take 1’, ‘take 2’, ‘cut’ are a part and parcel of any production set, the task can be much more challenging when the director needs to guide the voice actor / actor remotely. However trivial it may sound, the need of an audio-director cannot be undermined even for the recording/ voice over of a 30 second or a 1 minute commercial spot. Nowadays, tiktok voice over is becoming more and more popular.A commercial voice over artist would need to put himself in the characters shoes and read out the script in the tone, mood of the character.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has gone quite far in causing individuals to deal with their work processes from a distance, have bearing and voice-over recording meetings been a piece of this as well? Indeed, no one but time can tell the proficiency and efficiency of distant course, yet as existing apart from everything else, it appears as though remote working is setting down deep roots!

While an expert voice over organization could deal with its craftsmen another way than its rival, its tied in with causing the voice entertainer to grasp the content and guaranteeing “from a distance” that you get the best out of the voice over meeting. It is basic to have the beneath schoolwork done while coordinating a voice entertainer from a distance.

1.  Script

Make sure that the voice actor has the script in advance. A brief guideline elaborating the recording instructions should be handy here.

2.  Purpose

While reason and crowd could cover now and again to decide the tone and style of voice over, the finished result/reason for the recording meeting is vital for any expert voice entertainer to have the option to impeccably pitch the meeting.


Much of the time, particularly in instances of a business/notice or a special video, the tone of the voice still up in the air by the crowd being designated. The voice might have a great deal of energy on the off chance that the mission is designated towards an item focusing on youth, while a benefits item focusing on senior residents might utilize a calming voice and tone. Thus, a reasonable thought of the crowd can assist with backing out distant course.

4.Emotion & tone

There can’t be a solitary sound meeting which can do without an inclination. Feeling is a vital part of all voice overs and a flexible voice entertainer knows how to place feelings into the voice according to the person being imitated.

5.Sample voice tone

Taking into account that the sound heading is occurring from a distance, it tends to be gainful for the voice entertainer to have a little example voice like what tone and style is required in the content. For example,male voice actors tend to have a deep voice. This can assist with excluding various takes in a remote recording meeting.

6.Pace / Time sync

While recording pace is generally basic for business advertisements, it is additionally of much importance to explainer recordings as the video and sound should match in speed to give the watcher an astounding encounter. Likewise, the time limitations should be shared to the voice entertainer ahead of time so he/she can get ready appropriately. Besides, in the event that the finished result is a video, the equivalent should be imparted to the voice entertainer for reference. This is particularly basic for proficient naming administrations with time sync where time sync is of high criticality.

7.Communication is the key

While it is grasped that conveying over telephone/email or even video stages like Zoom, skype probably won’t be essentially as powerful as an in-person correspondence, in any case, a legitimate video call arrangement can in any case be very valuable. While the voice over craftsman as of now has the subtleties according to the focuses 1-5 over, the chief can be a piece of the meeting from a distance and continue to direct any place required. Saying a couple of extremely viable words in the meeting can direct the voice entertainer to yield a voice recording which can do extraordinary equity to the content and the general undertaking.

In conclusion

With all the above said and done, it is likewise a question of the experience and finesse of both the voice entertainer and the chief (alongside specialists and other colleagues, obviously) that can prompt a strong remote recording meeting and can yield a voice over which dumbfounds the makers and the advertisers! An expert voice entertainer with a rich encounter of working across contents can connect with the characters and tone of another content and can pull off the recording meeting and convey an excellent recording without a very remarkable trouble. Not just this, being in the business, the expert voice entertainer can comprehend and follow unobtrusive traces of the chief with next to no troubles.

More or less, a voice over meeting – remote or face to face with the chief – is a collaboration and every single one of the creation group assumes a fundamental part in producing that ‘wao’ recording! As verified above, being a piece favorable to dynamic and passing on the data ahead of time can be exceptionally useful for a far off heading meeting.

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