Compensation For Jury Duty, Tips When Selected to Be a Juror, Types of Jury Biases

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The sixth amendment is guaranteed to every American citizen. It is the right to be judged by your peers. Your peers are considered to be people from the community in which you reside. This system proves to be more fair than the notion of being judged by one person or by people from a state you’ve never lived in. 

Some may consider sitting on juror panel for a few days or weeks as a vacation, however others would dread the idea. In some cases depending on what type of work the juror does and how much he gets paid will determine how he feels about participating. If serving on a federal juror panel you can expect to be paid $50 a day. 
After serving on the panel for 10 days the amount of pay goes up to $60 a day

Meals and hotel fees and transportation are also paid. Some employers will continue to pay the juror, even though they are not coming to work. The law does not require them to do this. Some employers will pay the entire salary missed, while others will pay half. For those employees who are paid, by the courts, and are also paid by their employee, yes, serving on a juror panel can seem like a mini vacation. However, for those who are employed with companies who do not pay employees for serving, the situation could seem unfavorable. 

A few things potential jurors should know: do not ignore the summons, if you ignore it, you could be fined up to $500. Also, the courts could hold you in contempt of court. Also prior to receiving a summons, at one point or another you will need to fill out a question form. Be truthful, certain questions are being asked for a reason. It may ask about your past or current employment, or whether you have a past criminal record, not answering truthfully could become an issue, if the courts find out this information later

Some tips for selected jurors: 
A. Make sure you inform your employer of the situation 
B. Bring a copy of the summons to your employer, make sure you get paid 
C. Dress Professionally, no crop tops, hats etc 

In some cases while a juror is going through the selection process, a reason to dismiss them may pop up. One of those reasons may be that the individual admits to being bias. Admitting not being able to judge the case, without being prejudice 
could cause the attorneys to release the juror. Another type of bias is called an implied bias. An implied bias is when the potential juror has gone through some sort of personal event that may cause him/her to judge unfairly. Certain character traits or friendships with people that may know the accused, all of these could be considered implied biases. If a jury selection los angeles ca or if a jury selection is taking place in Lancaster, PA, regardless of the state juror biases must be taken into considered in order to have a fair trail. 

In many cases an attorney will argue to keep a juror on the panel, whereas the opposition would like to have him/her removed. Depending on the makeup of the juror panel could determine whether or not a case is won or lost. Once every issue has been resolved the jurors that have been selected will be sworn in and the trial will proceed.


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