Facing Age Discrimination–it’s Against the Law 

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Age discrimination is real it affect any area of the older adult’s life. It is against the law. One of the most common forms of age discrimination is in the employment sector. 

Age Discrimination Examples 

• Older adults seeking a job may have a problem finding work even when they are the most qualified candidate for a job; instead, the employer hires a younger person that may not be as qualified. In the workplace discrimination because of age can include being passed over for promotions, or let go from their job. 
• Discrimination can happen in the workplace if the older adult is given tasks that are demeaning and below their skill set and younger workers are not given these types of tasks. 
• When job layoffs occur and most of the layoffs are older adults, this can be age discrimination. 
• If a job is more difficult for the older adult than for any other employee or making the workplace miserable for the older adult it might be discrimination. If the treatment continues to encourage them to quit it may also be age discrimination. 
• If the older adult with the same amount of time on a job and the same skills or skills that are more extensive and the pay is less for the older adult it might involve age discrimination. 

Age Discrimination Laws 

The law protects the older adult with the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 (ADEA). This law protects employees and applicants for employment forty years of age and older from discrimination because of their age. The law protects the older adult from discrimination in hiring, firing, job assignments, benefits, training, or other job privileges. 

Filing a Claim for Age Discrimination 

Filing a claim for age discrimination is a civil claim and the age discrimination law services los angeles ca. Can help the claimant with their case. Bringing the claim the older adult must show the employers bias and witnesses can give testimony along with the evidence to prove the age discrimination. Making the claim, filing documents to begin the lawsuit against the employer is a first step. The claimant’s attorney will handle the paperwork with the court and build a case using the evidence of age discrimination that occurred in the workplace. The elements the lawyer will focus on that is in the Act protecting older adults include: The claimant belonged to a protected class. They applied for a job they were qualified and the employer was seeking applicants. The employer rejected the older adult for the position that was and the employer continued to seek applicants.

The older adult was laid off while another less qualified and younger employee stayed on the job. The older adult lost their job without cause while a younger employee kept their job. The older employee passed over for a promotion that went to a younger less experienced person. Bad performance reviews based on age claiming the older adult has an inability to learn new technology or take on new projects. Any of these and other reasons in this area when age related can violate the ADEA elements of the law and the employer can be held liable for compensating the claimant.

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