Immigration Lawyers Are Critical in Protecting the Interests of Their Clients

An immigration lawyer helps people having issues with immigration requirements. They act like a counselor or advisor for immigrants and foreign citizens interacting with the United States immigration authorities. These attorneys guide their clients regarding visa applications, naturalization, green cards, deportation issues, citizenships any jobs for non-citizens. They appear before immigration judges for immigration hearings. Many immigration attorneys handle interactions between criminal laws and immigration. They aid in submitting applications for immigration including green cards and visas. An immigration attorney understands the complexities of immigration law. 

Most of immigration attorneys are hired when assistance is required for obtaining a green card or visa. This is usually because immigration law requirements are difficult to understand. In certain situations, it is necessary to hire an immigration attorney. This includes the individual being convicted of committing a crime. The majority of USCIS forms require this information. The entire criminal record must be disclosed including charges expunged or dropped. Immigration attorneys Salem OR understand the area where criminal and immigration law can overlap. If an application has been denied the attorney can determine the reason. They know if the application can be appealed or if it is necessary to reapply later. 

If an individual has been excluded from entry or deported from the United States they are unable to submit future applications. An immigration lawyer can explain the effects of exclusion and deportation and offer advice. The attorney knows which medical conditions will prevent the person from entering the United States such as specific communicable diseases. Sometimes the application process takes far too long. An immigration attorney understands the process and may help the person obtain rush or expedited processing.

One of the most complicated immigration issues is a potential employer unwilling to assist with immigration issues. Employment based visas have complex processing. The lawyer will help ensure the obligations are being fulfilled by the potential employer. When permanent resident status has not been secured or conditions removed prior to the end of the marriage between an applicant and a United States citizen it can be problematic. If the marriage was the basis for the visa application, it was probably filed jointly. An experienced immigration lawyer may be able to prove the marriage was not a fraud.

Many people immigrate to the United States with their families. If permanent resident status is not granted prior to a child turning 21, an attorney can file for the child using the best possible method available. An individual may start the application process and not know what step is next. The USCIS may require additional documentation or paperwork to support the person’s claim. This will cause a delay that could have been avoided by working with a lawyer from the start. Applications can take a few months or a few years before reaching completion. Immigration attorneys can help with the procedures and laws. They save their clients a lot of frustration and time. They also protect the interests of their clients.

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