The First Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident

The moments immediately following an auto accident are terrifying. Even a minor accident can cause significant problems in your life for at least a week or two. If you’re injured, you face even more serious problems that can last much longer. Before you call an auto accident lawyer Minot ND, however, you should know which steps to take first. Handling your auto accident correctly from the start can help you minimize some of the stress you face in the coming weeks. 

Move Out of Danger’s Way 

Before you do anything else following an auto accident, move out of the car and off the road. If you cannot move your vehicle safely, don’t do it. If you can, it’s best to move accident vehicles to the shoulder to prevent traffic delays and additional accidents. If the damage is serious and you cannot move your vehicle, but you can move, get out of the car and get off the road. You risk being involved in a secondary accident or even a fire if you stay in the car. 

Call the Police 

Never assume someone else already did this for you. It’s also a poor choice to make the decision to forgo calling the police and filing an accident report. It’s harder for the at-fault driver to claim there was not an accident or deny their fault if you have an accident report and a police report. Do not exchange any information or words with the other driver. Anything could be misconstrued as you assuming responsibility on even a small level, which can cause you to lose out on compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. 

Get Checked Out By A Doctor 

A doctor needs to see you right away. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are involved in an accident is skipping a visit to the doctor because they don’t realize they’re injured. Many injuries are invisible to the naked eye, which means they only grow worse as they are left untreated. The pain won’t start right away with some injuries. Go see a doctor. The longer you wait, the less likely it is the other driver’s insurance agency will offer you more money to pay your medical bills. They can dispute your injuries as being the at-fault driver’s fault if you wait too long. 

Gather Evidence and Call An Attorney 

Auto accidents can be a minor annoyance, but they can also be a life-changing event. Catastrophic injuries can cause you to lose your job and your income. Medical bills keep coming when you spend ample time in the doctor. The cost of an accident can be devastating and having evidence and an auto accident attorney on your side can help. 

Auto accidents are never something you see coming, but that doesn’t mean you must remain unaware of how to handle this situation if it does happen. Being prepared is the best way to handle your injuries. Knowing you can contact an attorney without filing a lawsuit is also helpful.


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