Why Your Disability Case Needs an Attorney

If you become disabled and apply for SSI and SSDI, you may be surprised with how complicated the process actually is and how hard it is to get approved. In order to be considered disabled, you’re going to need a lot of proof and that can sometimes be hard to get unless you’re a social security lawyer kingsport tn. You might have a lot of questions about why you would need a lawyer but here are some things you might not know about what a lawyer can do for you. 

They Only Get Paid for Their Services If You Win 

A lot of people decide to try to get their social security disability benefits without a lawyer because they presume that they can’t afford one. Fortunately for those trying to get disability benefits, social security lawyers can legally only charge for their services if they win and there is a limit as to how much they can collect. If you win your case, the attorney collects their fees out of the back benefits that you are entitled to. The SSA will review the fees that are being deducted to make sure that they fit within their standards. If you win your social security case but do not get any back benefits, the lawyer does not receive any fees for your case. 

They Can Review Your Case Before You File 

While you may consider yourself to be disabled, there is a chance that it will be impossible to collect benefits for your condition. An attorney can advise you concerning what kind of chances you have to win your case before you decide to start applying. If the attorney decides to take your case for you, they can help build the story around your disability to explain why you are unable to maintain gainful employment. 

They Can Complete the Application 

The application process for SSI and SSDI is complicated and many don’t know how to access the information that is needed for it. Fortunately, a social security lawyer has gone through the process many times before and knows exactly what they have to do to complete the application. One of the reasons why so many people are denied during the first phase of the process is because they did not complete their application or didn’t do it correctly. An attorney will be able to look over everything to ensure that you didn’t forget any details. 

They Can Collect All the Needed Paperwork 

Gathering medical records can be really confusing and it’s easy to forget certain important documents. Even if all of your procedures and visits were completed in the same network, your records may not all be in the same place or they could require a different type of release. An attorney can make sure that you have all of the documentation that they need in order to build your case and prove that you are disabled. They can also work with your doctors and specialists to get supportive material like statements and opinions.

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