Steps To Take Following A Slip And Fall Accident

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Slip and gall accidents can not only be embarrassing but also lead to personal injury. Should someone sustain injuries following such an incident, they might be entitled to recover compensation. However, there are certain steps said individuals can take that might make that process easier. Personal injury lawyer Avondale AZ invites potential clients to read this short blog detailing the appropriate actions to execute after this type of accident. The actions an accident victim takes in the hours and days following the incident might determine how aggressively said individual and their personal injury lawyer can pursue civil action. 

Premises Liability 

In Arizona, property owners and business proprietors have an obligation to maintain a safe environment or warn potential visitors of any possible dangers. Those who do not could be subjected to legal responsibility should these provisions not be adhered to. That said, merely becoming injured due to such circumstances alone does not entitle an injured party to financial compensation. Winning a financial reward might be contingent upon executing actions such as: 

Seeking Medical Attention 

Anyone involved in a slip and fall incident should undergo a thorough medical evaluation. Even if the victim is not seriously hurt in the immediate aftermath, internal injuries might not present themselves until days, perhaps weeks following the incident. Swift medical attention is critical for several critical reasons. 

Obviously, physical examinations can identify any potential injuries or health concerns the accident might have precipitated. However, documented medical evidence provides a potential civil complainant more compelling evidence. Most personal injury cases are contingent upon the plaintiff’s ability to demonstrate that the damages sought correlate to the injuries caused by the accident and that said injuries are due to no other preexisting medical condition. 

Gathering As Much Evidence As Possible 

It is crucial that the prospective complainant establish a firm knowledge of the specific events leading up to the incident. In other words, it is imperative to know the accident’s exact cause. Slip and fall incidents can occur almost anywhere and be precipitated by issues such as wet floors, ice, debris impeding a walkway, as well as damaged an uneven surfaces. Additionally, it is important to recall critical information such as if the property owner gave any verbal warning or posted signs alerting the complainant to any such dangers. 

Immediately following the incident in question, the complainant (assuming said individual is physically able to perform such tasks) should document all of the events preceding the accident. In addition, said individual should take photographs of dangerous conditions. Like any legal case, evidence is critical to the outcome of personal injury proceedings. 

Obtaining Witness Testimony 

Eyewitnesses may not only corroborate a complainant’s account of the events but might also have witnessed or even experienced the dangerous situation that precipitated the accident. A prospective complainant is encouraged to document the testimony of anyone who saw the incident and obtain their contact information. Those who feel they have a legitimate case are urged to contact a personal injury law as soon as possible. Said professional can review the facts of the case and formulate an argument that might help a complainant successfully demonstrate negligence on the part of a property owner.


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