The Difficulty of Law Around Social Security Disability

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The issue of disability is a difficult one, and that becomes especially true in situations where social security and law become involved. In Chicago, this becomes an even greater issue, as disability cases take an average of 120 days to be resolved and can take a year or more of time for a decision in extreme situations in that area. It is critical to find an experienced social security disability attorney chicago il because of this, as it can make these situations not take as long or ease the difficulty of waiting. If you think you may have a disability that is limiting your ability to work, it should be an utmost priority to contact an attorney right away so the issue can be resolved as fast as possible.

The first thing to note in cases of SSD (Social Security Disability) is that if you yourself qualify for a disability and to note that a lawyer can help you be qualified for disability if you are unsure and/or need help in finding how exactly you qualify. Typically to qualify for this program, one must have a mental and/or physical condition that impairs them from completing what courts call “substantial gainful activity.” The first thing to notice here is how the court uses complex terminology in this phrase, showing the need for a lawyer that would completely understand these terms. It also needs to be a condition that will last at least a year and the applicant will need to be under the age of 65. There is also the complex issue of social security credits, where the applicant must have acquired 20 SSC (Social Security Credits) in the past 10 years. This is one of the bigger issues as sometimes people are too young to apply under this condition and may have to collect credits from their parents (This “loss” of credits won’t impact future benefits for the parents); Also, if they’ve shown proof that they’ve experienced the disability and/or became disabled at or before the age of 22, the work requirement may become waived. 

Another requirement and issue in the court proceedings for SSD relates to the court requesting medical evidence that the applicant is disabled. First of all, the evidence must be collected from an acceptable medical source; This is another reason why having an attorney in this situation is of the utmost importance, as sometimes the court could view a source as unacceptable and one could be lost on where to find an acceptable source for the case. Also, a SSD case that is originally approved could be later denied, as cases will typically be brought into reconsideration, appeals and more, which again shows the key benefit of having a lawyer by your side. 

Overall, applying for SSD can be arduous and fatiguing. This is especially true for those who have seriously limiting disabilities. Having an attorney will not only make the process smoother but could also make it faster and improve chances for approval.


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