Divorce Guide: Before, During, and After

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Marriages are not perfect because people are imperfect. When this important relationship becomes toxic and no longer is working out one or both parties can decide to file for divorce. The divorce process is often long and complex. Two lives are combined into one when a couple marries and when they permanently separate those lives must be unraveled. Children, pets, property, cars, money, and material goods must be evenly split and that is where the tension often arises from. Strong emotions often cloud people’s judgment especially if the couple is parting on negative terms. This guide lays out the most important steps to undertake before, during, and after a divorce. 


Even before one person, or both people, asks the other for a divorce there are important tasks to complete that can ease the process later on. First, once divorce proceedings begin neither party can make large purchases or sell communal items. If there is anything that needs to be bought or sold do it before asking for a divorce. Next, write out what custody agreement is preferred along with a list of items, including pets, that are desired to be kept. Then collect paperwork likes bills, financial documents, loan papers, credit card statements, e-mails, text messages, and any other physical documentation that could help the case. Finally, hire a divorce attorney services rochester mi for representation. 


Divorce proceedings are challenging on everyone involved, especially children. If there are children experiencing the split as well family counseling can ease the process. Parents should not try to turn their children against the other parent regardless of the cause of the divorce. They will already be going through enough challenges. The entire process can take time. An early settlement might seem tempting but end up being too big of a concession later on. It is better to push forward and prepare for a long journey to reaching an amicable agreement for both parties. 


One major aspect that is often overlooked right after a divorce is a will. It is important to change the beneficiary on a person’s will and life insurance policies from the ex-spouse to someone else, often children if there are any. Recovering and restarting are all part of the process. It takes time to heal, adjust to a new life and schedule. Therapy can help work through these changes and all of the emotions that come with them. 

When a marriage ends there are many steps to take to protect the initiator and receptor. Preemptively making purchases and sales before finances are locked can save headaches later. Collecting pertinent paperwork is also essential to being prepared. A divorce attorney is essential to ensuring the client’s interests are best represented. During divorce proceedings be sure to be sensitive to any children involved because the process is often long and hard. After the divorce is finalized change beneficiaries on both a will and life insurance. Time will help as new lives are established.


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