Legal Repercussions of Drinking and Driving

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It’s hard to believe that millions of people still drink and drive, despite the clear devastation that can result from driving under the influence of alcohol. The logic of a person who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated isn’t sound, and often based on a failure to recognize their level of intoxication and the limits of their capabilities. This kind of thinking tends to increase if the person has a history of drinking and driving without any incidents – they start to feel as though there is no harm in driving while drunk. Unfortunately, their luck often runs out. 

On a daily basis, families are destroyed because someone chose to drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol. There have been many times when several members of a family were killed by one drunk driver, leaving behind their loved ones to pick up the pieces of their lives. Most of time, the families are left with irreparable damage and lifelong pain. The issue is one of decision-making and choosing to do the right thing. It’s a matter of considering the safety of others first. There is also the importance of understanding how your motor skills are impaired by alcohol, which applies to even the most seasoned drivers. 

When a person drinks and drives, the best thing that can happen is a police officer notices that the driver appears inebriated or incapable of abiding by the rules of the road. When the suspicion of driving under the influence is confirmed, a DUI or DWI is issued. Quite frankly, it’s the best possible scenario because only the life of the offender is impacted at this juncture. The next step would be to contact a DUI lawyer Virginia Beach VA. 

The question to ask before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle intoxicated is whether it’s worth possibly destroying your life. You might also want to ask whether you can afford an attorney, because there’s a good chance you will need legal representation. After mulling over these questions, it would only make sense to put the keys down and call an Uber driver or a cab. These days, transportation is readily available to anyone who needs a ride, and the cost is affordable. Essentially, there is no valid reason to drive drunk. 

What Happens When You Get a DUI or DWI 

When a drunk driver is pulled over by a police officer for suspicious driving, they typically look for certain cues, such as incoherence, the odor of alcohol, slurred speech and other physical signs on inebriation. There’s also the field sobriety test that requires you to physically demonstrate proper judgment and motor skills. Although it typically requires permission, officers can also perform a blood alcohol test. When a person fails these tests, there will be legal repercussions that may include loss of your driver’s license and mandatory participation in an alcohol abuse program. For the first offense, it’s possible to lose your license for an entire year. In the event that a person is killed, it’s likely that vehicular manslaughter charges will be filed. Either way, you’ll need an attorney.


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