Today’s Military Tuition Assistance Program

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The military does offer educational benefits for service members that can be used during or after service as military training can be converted into college credit. The Tuition Assistance Program allows service members the opportunity to enroll in accredited colleges, universities, junior colleges, and vocational-technical schools. Tuition services can help veterans access professional certificates or graduate school as well. Tuition assistance pays for 100% of the cost of tuition expenses. A maximum of $250 per credit is what can be paid out, as well as $4,500 per fiscal year, per student. 

Full-time duty service people are able to register for this program. The post-911 GI Bill was in effect on August 1st, 2009 offering an intensive education benefit on an increase since first signed into law in 1944. Service people get a living stipend along with an allowance for books and supplies. Educational benefits depend on the length of the service involved. If 36 months or 30 continuous days have passed, before being discharged for a service-related disability, then a service person receives 40% of the maximum benefit which is a tuition assistance for military personnel

Another feature of military tuition coverage is the Yellow Ribbon program, a program that has a list of various institutions that participate in this program. College fund programs exist for most military branches aside from the Navy and The Air Force, respectively that do not have College Fund Programs. The Air Force does not have a college fund program but they do have a community college. The military can also offer soldiers a way to repay their loans at one-third of the loan for each year of full-time duty served, as the Army helps recent college graduates manage educational debt. The Higher Education Act of 1965 is a law that affects those serving in the Navy who are allowed to participate in a $65,000 loan repayment program, as they offer the soldier a way to get out of debt. 

The Air Force has The Community College of the Air Force, which is an accredited two-year program that can allow enlisted Air Force men and women to earn 70 different types of associate degree programs, in many scientific and technical fields. These fields include computer science, avionics, air and space operations, allied health sciences, paralegal studies, and even information management. The military affords to take College Level Proficiency Exam tests, or CLEP, which measures the knowledge gained in two years. The CLEP subject exams afford a timed, computer-based exam, which yields three hours of college credit. 

Different branches of the military cover different aspects of college tuition. All branches of the military cover 100% tuition so long as the fee doesn’t exceed $250 per semester hour, $166 per quarter hour, or $4,500 per fiscal year. The military does pay for school in exchange for your service, which is a good deal. There is a wealth of educational opportunities that the military can give someone who serves in the alloted length of time.


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