Why is a hard disk drive best for storing data?

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Computers are made of different components. And one of these components is the hard disk drive .Computer hard disk drive can store all the data of the computer.Hard disk drive will be all the pictures, videos, audio, files, documents, files of the computer will be saved on this hard disk. When we turn off the computer, the computer hard disk will save all our information.When we turn on the computer, the computer will send us the information stored on the hard disk. This way the hard disk saves information.

Hard disk or hard drive is a device for storing computer data. Where computer data is stored, the next time we can see or read it again.Hard disks have multiple concentric discs, called platters. It is covered with magnetic metal and the platters are attached to the magnetic head.Simply put, a hard disk is a computer’s memory. Where different types of data are stored. Just as we use memory cards in mobiles, so the memory of a computer is a hard disk.

The first hard disk was made by Reynold and B Johnson in 1956. They both worked for IBM. In fact, the history of hard disks is very old.

However, the current hard disk has changed a lot compared to the past.  Hard disks of this period have been divided into 4 parts. Such as

  1. PATA Hard Disk
  2. SATA Hard Disk
  3. SCSI Hard Disk
  4. SSD Hard Disk

The most specific use of a hard drive, as mentioned, is to store information, but it is also used to establish a link or bridge between the hardware or physical parts of the computer and the software or digital part of each program. There is a component called external hard drive which also acts as a storage device but its connection is made directly to the computer to store data which is no longer required on the computer hard drive or which is used occasionally, trying to free up space. The advantage of an external hard drive is that it can be transported anywhere, take all the necessary information with it and be able to share it to other devices where it can be connected. The most common way to use these hard drives is to make a backup copy of the data on your personal computer. The word external is being added because it is not part of the computer but is connected to it via a cable.

A hard disk can store our data without any electrical connection. Because it basically does the job of saving data through magnetic energy. One thing to keep in mind is that if the left side of this magnetic field is 0. Then the right side of that magnetic field will be 1.And when you need to store some data in the hard disk. Electric current is used to change it.Then with the help of Electromagnetic the codes are changed and sent to Disk. And in this way, in just a few seconds, the data we need is stored on the hard disk. 

Hard disk works in both Sequential Access and Direct Access systems. Hard disk can store a lot of information .It is a fast storage medium. Hard disk security is high. Another advantage of a hard disk is that it is easily available in the market.Hard disks are faster than optical disks. Hard disks tend to be much larger in size. So it is possible to keep much more data.

Undoubtedly a hard disk is the best for storing data but it still has some disadvantages. Hard disks cost more. If the hard disk is damaged, it cannot be repaired.  The security of files stored on the hard disk is relatively low. When infected with the virus, it becomes numb.And once the hard disk is damaged then data recovery is needed again later. Difficulty in transportation due to. heavy load of hard disk.

Finally, we can say that a hard disk drive is best for storing data. You can’t think of using a computer without it.

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