A Whiplash Attorney is Necessary to Receive Fair Compensation

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A whiplash injury attorney specializes in cases of whiplash. This type of injury is common during car accidents, painful and difficult to prove. It is often necessary to file a lawsuit to receive fair compensation. Whiplash occurs when the neck is subjected to an unexpected back and forth motion. Whiplash is both disruptive and painful for the individual. If the person is feeling any discomfort or pain it is imperative they seek immediate medical treatment. Whiplash, soft tissue injuries and back strain are not always apparent after an accident. Immediate treatment is an important factor in a case involving whiplash. 

A whiplash injury lawyer San Diego CA may refer the individual to a physician familiar with the signs of whiplash. The medical information must be disclosed by a doctor. Cases of whiplash are usually looked at suspiciously by insurance adjustors. It is critical to receive medical attention, retain an attorney and let the medical records reveal the story. Once the whiplash has been medically documented, the attorney can begin the claim process. The insurance company of the other driver must be notified the individual intends to file a claim in writing. An attorney realizes the injuries may improve or they may become worse. The whiplash injury attorney will take care of any notifications and try to ensure receive reimbursement is received for all of the medical bills. 

The lawyer will document all expenses relating to rehabilitation and treatment for the injury. These damages include medical bills, insurance co-pays, prescription costs, lost wages and mileage. Any money the person spent is potentially a reimbursement cost. The insurance adjusters will require proof before they pay a dollar. This necessitates documentation for every expense. When the lawyer provides this proof, it is appreciated and often results in the individual being compensated much faster.

There is no guarantee the claim will be paid by the insurance adjustor. There is also no guarantee the individual responsible for the accident has insurance. The only way to receive compensation for damages may be to file a personal injury lawsuit. A whiplash attorney is a critical asset for a lawsuit of this nature. There are damage and threshold injury requirements in no fault states. This means both the experience and skill of an attorney may be the only way to receive fair compensation. In addition to non-economic damages, a lawyer can pursue additional damages including pain and suffering. An attorney understands the laws, will take the proper steps and will improve the potential outcome of the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, many people still believe a whiplash injury caused by an automobile accident is a fake claim due to numerous inaccurate movies and magazine articles. The truth is whiplash is a legitimate injury of the soft tissue. A violent and sudden retraction and extension of the next can lead to serious physical issues. This can impair the ability of the person to function in their daily life. Retaining an attorney will increase the chances of the person to be fairly compensated for their pain and injuries.


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