An Immigration Attorney Is Necessary to Understand the Complexities of Immigration Law

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Successfully achieving immigration is a long, frustrating and complicated process. Immigration law is difficult to understand, and one mistake can cause an application to be denied. There are a wide variety of immigration cards available. An immigration attorney knows which card is appropriate for every situation. It is imperative the correct choice is made. A good example is a married individual wanting to enter the United States. This can be accomplished with an immigrant visa or a K-3 visa. An immigration lawyer knows which one will be more advantageous or faster depending on the current processing times. 

Most of business owners wanting a hire a worker from a foreign country have spent a lot of time trying to understand immigration law. If the employer wants to sponsor a worker and chooses a green card, the PERM labor certification process must be completed. Advertisements must be placed for the job and the process is extremely complicated. Only specific types of ads will be accepted, the language must be specific, and the deadlines and timeframes are easy to misinterpret. One of the required forms is the ETA 9089. This form is incredibly hard to fill out correctly and a very small mistake will cause the application to be denied. An immigration attorney Elizabeth NJ understands this form and will ensure it is filled out correctly and on time. 

Anyone involved with an immigration court deportation needs an immigration attorney. If the individual is on appeal or the proceedings are not complete the courts are in control. The status of the application requires the expertise and experience of an immigration lawyer. The most common problem faced by immigrants is when the USCIS claims they are inadmissible. There are numerous reasons an immigrant can be kept out of the United States. This includes lying to the United States government and committing a crime.

Even the simplest application for immigrants means the person must fill out forms. The instructions are always extremely detailed, additional paperwork is required and fees must be paid. It is easy to make a mistake, and this will cause the application to be rejected, delayed or returned. Immigration attorneys are very familiar with this paperwork because they have filled it out so many times. They have a streamlined system and the knowledge to ensure the applications are completed correctly. Many immigration lawyers use a sophisticated computer program capable of correctly filling out and printing the forms almost instantly.

When the consulate or the USCIS does not approve an application, the reason is often bureaucracy. Sometimes the applications are not sent to the correct city and state, sometimes they are transferred to the wrong office and sometimes they are just lost. This can cause a delay that lasts for month after month. An experienced immigration lawyer understands the system and will do everything possible to clear up any issues, expediate the visa and achieve success. It takes legal training to really understand immigration laws.


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