Are You in A Mess and Contemplating on Hiring a DUI Lawyer? Find Out More Here

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It is a crime for anyone to drive while under influence of alcohol or other drugs, be they prescription drugs or not. The abbreviation DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Other states abbreviate it as DWI, which means driving while intoxicated. Individuals found driving under influence would be sentenced to community service, fined or even jailed. On top, they may have their driver’s license either revoked or equally suspended; but this would be determined by whether the offense was your first ever, or also the severity of the incident. A DUI lawyer can help the offender obtain their driving privileges, only if the offender will agree to use the ignition interlock device, IDD. The lawyer may also negotiate for the court’s permission for you to only drive to work and from work.

America’s Statistics and What Your DUI Can Do

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has it that out of three people, two of them get involved in a drunk driving accident. What this simply means is that almost everyone will become a victim of drunk driving, no matter whether they are the drunk driving or not. Drunk driving is a very serious crime, and laws governing it are as well versed, despite the consequences varying from a state to the other.

Due to the DUI laws being so complex, it is inevitable for one to hire a professional and experienced lawyer than to receive a Public Defender. A good lawyer may be the difference between achieving good results in your case or being thrown behind bars. A good DUI lawyer may seek your case rubbished even if samples of your blood (BAC) at the time are positive. In severe cases, they may negotiate for a lesser punishment, fine, or a treatment diversion program. There are many reasons why one needs to have a lawyer whenever such incidences happen and here are just a few of them.

Your Rights First

These attorneys know all the rules and regulations pertaining to DUI law. They also understand your rights better than you do. They understand that everyone is innocent until proved guilty and are sure to uphold your rights. You hire them to work on your side to ensure that they protect you before the court and during the court session.

They Understand the System Better

An experienced DUI attorney Greenville SC is proficient with the system. Talk of knowing which forms to fill and the calls to make. They understand how to schedule the hearings as well as knowing which officials will hear your case. They are familiar with the steps that are involved in a DUI case and therefore are the best people to walk you through each, easing your anxiety before and during the hearing.


As seen above, the law on DUI may be quite complex. The penalties for driving under influence can be too harsh. For example, if it is your first incident, the punishment can be a fine of up to $2,500 with a jail term of 364 days on top. It is only an experienced lawyer in this specialty that can help you out. If you are in such a fix, hiring one would be of great help to you.


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