Fastest Bail Bonds in Dekalb County, GA: What Are They and How to Find One

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As per studies, it is seen that low income and financial frustration have caused a spike in misdemeanor cases in DeKalb County. The number of arrests has risen around the state.

In many cases, the accused may be innocent, and they may still have to stay in the DeKalb County jail till they need to present in court. In the court, it will be judged whether the accused is responsible under the said charges or not.

But, if you want your family member or friend to be released from jail, you will have to pay for the bail amount set by the court. However, if you don’t want to pay for the bail amount, you can hire a bail bond agent. They will provide you with the fastest bail bonds in DeKalb County, GA.

Here is a guide about bail bonds, their types in DeKalb County, and how to find the best agent.

About Bail Bonds And Its Types

When the DeKalb County police arrest someone you know, they will be kept in the county jail. A bail amount will be decided after admittance in prison, as per the local laws and crime severity.

If you pay the bail amount, the court will release the accused for the time being. However, they will have to appear at the court hearing on the given date. If the person appears at the court, the bail amount is returned after deducting a certain fee. As per DeKalb county bail bond laws, the state charges only $20 as a fee on bonds.

If the person fails to appear in the court, then the bail amount will not be returned, and the court will release a warrant of arrest against the accused.

A person can pay for the cash bail to the court directly or hire a bail bondsman.

Some of the common types of DeKalb County bail bonds are:

  1. Cash Bonds: Cash bonds are the simplest form of bail bond that you will have to pay to get a release from the jail.
  2. Property Bonds: In property bonds, the accused will have to put up any property more in value than the bail amount as security.
  3. Surety Bonds: These bonds are submitted by the bail bonds companies. They pay for the bail amount in the court to confirm the release for a specific fee taken from the client.
  4. Federal Bonds: These types of bonds are for federal crimes. These bonds are usually higher than other DUI or misdemeanor cases.

Benefits Of Hiring A Bail Bond Agency

When it comes to paying for the bail bond, the amount can be one of the significant hurdles faced. You may not have the cash in the palace to pay for the bail. Not paying the bail means the arrested person will have to stay in jail for longer.

This is where a DeKalb County bail bond agency can be beneficial. Here are some benefits of hiring a bail bond company.

  • Immediate Bail: Hiring a company means getting the paperwork done within a few hours. It means your family member can walk out of jail in no time.
  • Legal Guidance: Bondsmen are experienced in bail-related laws and regulations. They will help in understanding the legal complications.
  • No Worries About Gathering Bail Amount: Banks and credit companies in DeKalb County do not assist with bail cash. You will not have to gather the bail amount from various sources when working with a bail bonds agency.
  • Less Embarrassment: One of the ways to gather the bail amount is by approaching relatives and friends. It can be embarrassing to ask for a bail amount. Hiring a bail bond company will save you from facing any embarrassment.

Finding A Dekalb County Bail Bond Agent

You should pay attention to a few things while choosing a company for the fastest bail bonds in DeKalb County, GA.

  1. Reputation: Always check the reputation of the bail bondsman. Please read the reviews and see what others say about them on legal forums.
  2. Location: Choosing a bail bond agent near your area will make reaching out more manageable.
  3. Fees: Check their fees and overall charges and collateral issuing process. Ensure that they do not have hidden pricing and that their cost is per the DeKalb County laws.
  4. Expertise: There are different types of bail bonds, and not all bondsmen tend to handle them all. Some may be experts in federal bail bonds and others in property and surety bonds.
  5. Way Of Working: Lastly, check their way of working. Check if they talk with the client, understand the legalities, provide 24×7 services, etc.

When someone you know gets arrested in DeKalb County, it can be pretty tricky to handle the entire situation. In all this stress, arranging bail money can be highly stressful. A bail bond company can help set bail with minimum fees and minor embarrassment in these cases.

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