Getting Help For Your Wrongful Charges

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According to the Washington Post, studies show that there are about 4.1 percent or 1 in 25 adults who are sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit and later shown to be innocent. The numbers of innocent people being charged for crimes they did not commit have been truly staggering. Interestingly, there continues to be a high rate of people who continue to get charged. There are people who have lost many years of their lives to serving time behind bars, when in fact there are truly innocent. The courts continue to get a flurry of letters from criminals behind bars pleading that they are innocent. A majority of these criminals are likely to be guilty, but sadly there are those individuals who are truly innocent. They happened to simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time and now paying the price for it. Being charged for a crime your did not commit can truly ruin your entire life. If you or someone you know has been charged for a crime they did not commit, you may want to get legal assistance immediately. You do not want to serve anymore time that you should not be serving. 

According to the Marshall Project, reports have shown that there are about approximately 1 million felonies a year and about 4 percent of these convictions happened to be reported as a mistake. This number equates to about 40,000 wrongful convictions that take place in the United States every year. When they wrongful convictions take place, they take away the years off of an innocent individual. They innocent people are convicted and take to jail to service time behind bars for a crime that they are innocent of. It is more than just wrong to steal the years off of someone’s life all because of inaccurate information. Many times, the courts fail to investigate crimes properly and simply rush through the process, causing someone to serve time that they shouldn’t. Once these innocent individuals are released after years of serving time, they are now faced with even more difficulty. They will end up having a hard time trying to pick up the pieces before they were convicted. 

Trying to pick up the pieces after serving time can be most difficult. After a felony on your record, it can be almost impossible to get a reputable job and start over. Most employers who offer decent wages conduct a criminal background in order to employ someone. Once these employers spot that you have a criminal record, they will be quickly to dismiss your employment offer. If you or someone you know is undergoing charges you know you are innocent from, then consider getting legal assistance. Only a professional can help you truly fight for your rights in the court system. To discover your options, try to conduct some research online for the terms: criminal law attorney Atlantic City NJ

Getting legal assistance is critical for your future. Sometimes, the legal system is not always right and you need the help of a professional. Don’t continue to serve time for something you didn’t do. You deserve the right to live your life the way you deserve to.


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