Life Is Not Always Fair

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About 56.7 million people in the United States had a disability in the year of 2010, which is also about 19 percent of the population in America. In addition, 41 percent of people with a disability are still working and about 79 percent with a disability is no longer working. There are so many reasons why people end up not working due to their disability. Many of the reasons that Americans are forced to work even while having a disability is because their disability claim was denied. Life isn’t always fair and may drive you in a situation that you never expected. You work all your life, pay into benefits that you expect to utilize when you need it, and find out that you no longer qualify. It is very unfortunate that people work all their lives and pay into Social Security are not able to use it when they need it. If you find yourself rejected from a disability claim, make sure that you get professional help from a lawyer to help fight your claim. 

In the year of 2015, about 49.8 percent of Americans who are 75 or older reported having a disability and 25.4 percent of Americans age 65 to 74 reported living with a disability. As you age, you will discover that everything is changing about your body. You become physically and mentally weak over time due to work, stress and simply life. You work a majority of your life and pay into benefits expecting to utilize them when you need it. Many times, life doesn’t always work out the way you planned it to. You work all your life, get married, have kids, retire or end up facing disability. When you are in a position that forces you to be out of work, you are no longer able to support yourself financially. Your search for other ways to be able to earn money while being disabled but find that it is extremely difficult because many of the jobs out there require you to put in some type of physical labor. 

It is very unfortunate that many Americans are left stranded without a job due to their disability. They pay 10, 20 and even 30 years and over into Social Security if they will be able to utilize it when they need it. The problem is that many people are finding themselves denied for the disability claims. The process of applying for disability has become more and more complex and difficult to complete. Many people with a disability have trouble completing the process because of their disability. If you are facing trouble with a disability denial or you are simply having trouble completing the process, it is critical that you received professional help. Take time to search online for: disability insurance claims san diego ca

Overall, having a disability is never easy. Your whole life changes in a matter of minutes. It is critical that if you are facing hardship, you get the benefits that you deserve. Take time to find professional help to help you complete the process.


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