Social Security Benefits for Children 

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a federal agency in charge of providing benefits to retired workers and/or disabled individuals and can’t work. In some circumstances, a parent may need to apply for social security benefits on behalf of their child. This is called Social Security Child’s Insurance Benefits. It is a federally funded program. 

The SSA provides the child benefits based on two factors. The first is that the child’s parents have worked and earned enough social security work credits. These work credits are earned each year the parent works. The number of work credit earns depends on the yearly amount set by the SSA. 

In addition, the child’s parent or parents are entitled to disability or retirement benefits or they are dead. The purpose for these two eligibility requirements is to help deceased or disabled parents provide a future for their family. 

SSA Disability Benefits for a Child is not the same as Social Security Child Insurance 

Many people wanting to understand whether they should apply for disability benefits or social security child insurance should contact a social security lawyer kingsport tnDisability benefits for a child are different from the social security child insurance program. Disabled children are given benefits through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. They receive these monthly benefits based on one or more physical or mental conditions. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) described above is based on the work record of the parent or parents. 

The General Requirements for Receiving Social Security Child Insurance 

Eligibility requirements will determine if the child can receive social security benefits based on their parent’s work record. The first eligibility requirement is the child is unmarried. They also must be dependent financially on the parent. 

In addition, the child must be younger than 18 years old. The only two exceptions to this eligibility rule. The first exception is the child is 18 to 19 years old and a full-time high school student. If they are in college, they can’t apply for their parent’s benefits. 

The other exception is they are older than 18 years old and have a disability. Their disability must have occurred before they turned 22 years old. If their disability occurred after they turned 22 years old, they won’t qualify for their parent’s eligibility benefits. 

Steps to Applying for Social Security Child Insurance 

If a parent or legal guardian wants to file for SSI on behalf of their child, they must go through separate steps to start the process. The application is based on the child’s disability. A person applying for SSDI benefits on behalf a child must also go through a series of steps for the child to obtain monthly benefits. For example, the first step is determining whether the child is eligible for the social security benefits. The next step is the application process. This requires completing the application. The SSA will make a determination whether the child will receive their parent’s social security benefits.

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