Why You Should Need To Continuously Check Your Website for Accessibility Issues

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Web accessibility may be a new term for you but for someone with disability it is necessary. Someone with a disability has every right to lead a life just like anyone else, so they should also be able to use the Web world. This is what web accessibility is basically about. In order to ensure that disabled people too are able to use the web you need to test your website’s accessibility issues.

What is Web Accessibility Testing?

It is a practice that ensures the use of mobile/web applications by people with disabilities such as hearing problems, blindness, cognitive or motor problems. When the web is tested one can be sure that web content is reachable to anyone, without any hindrance. Although termed as web accessibility it is about digital accessibility. Different standards are set by the World Wide Consortium to ensure that every website has web content that is accessible to everyone, especially to those with disabilities. Accessibility ADA compliance checker is useful in testing web accessibility errors for beginners.

The importance of website accessibility testing for ADA compliance

Before going to the importance of accessibility testing it’s important to understand ADA compliance. ADA is the American Disabilities Act and it states that any organization with more than 15 employees must have websites and applications that are accessible to people with disabilities. In order to be compliant with the ADA act web content and websites need to meet WCAG 2.0 level AA.

You cannot ignore the importance of digital media in today’s world. Thus, if any website is not compliance with ADA act then it may be missing out certain potential customers out there. Moreover, everybody has the right to get information and websites should be so designed that even people with disabilities can get that easily.

You need to check accessibility issues continuously so that

  • You can avoid any legal complications

ADA act makes it clear that disables people should also be able to use applications and websites. Thus, if you ignore accessibility testing you may be going against the government rules. In order to be compliant with the rules in the United States it’s important to keep checking.

  • Expect a potential growth in business

You may be surprised to know that in America there are many people who live with some or other disability. If you follow the government guidelines and have your website accessible to people with disabilities you can expect to get people with disabilities amongst your customer. This will lead to potential growth in your business too.

  • Accurate search result

When your website is built with accessibility in mind the text will be rich and thus will be search engine friendly. Search engines will be able to find your website and what it had been looking for in the content your website has.

  • Give better user experience

It’s needless to mention that when you are giving an accessible website you are making it more user friendly, to any type of user. When accessible designs are kept for websites they have more text clarity, navigation becomes user friendly and other features too becomes appealing.

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